Our mission is to provide you with a superior purchase and ownership experience resulting in a happy customer who will tell their friends and family about us. Please come by and visit our beautiful car dealership and friendly staff. See for your self why we have such a high percentage of return and referral customers.

From the beginning, the owners Shaun and Sonny pledged to take care of every customer. Beginning with only two cars, they began slowly building their business solely off great deals and great customer relations. Sonny and Shaun still remember their first customers, and it also helps when they still send family members and relatives to enjoy the car buying experience at Car Lux.

Car Lux is different than other dealerships. We believe the car buying experience should be a positive and easy one. So come down and see what kind of service we provide our customers.

Established in 2004, we always loved cars. As kids we always were around cars and learned a lot about them. We knew our futures were always going to be in the car business. Either fixing, selling, or my personal favorite, racing them on the track. But since we love our family, but still love our cars, we decided to just sell them.

While my other friends were chasing after girls, we were busy chasing cars. At an early age we figured out we were car fanatics. So we opened our first location in 2004, which had an inventory of only 10 cars. After serving customers well, we started doubling up inventory every year. Results were so good that people figured out the place where you can get a luxury car for a good price without getting ripped off.

By doing good business and with high demand, we decided to open up a bigger location not far from where we had our loyal customers. In 2007, we discovered an abandoned gas station that we built up from scratch to what we now know as Car Lux. Come and see it for yourself.

Meet The Owners


12 years ago, my brother and I came to the United States with nothing but a dream. We had no money or friends at first. On our second day in the States, we luckily landed a job at the local pizza place. It wasn’t easy learning the language, working, and going to college; all while having to support ourselves. Struggling to save some money, we fell back on what we loved and felt the most comfortable with, dealing with cars.

That is how it all started, we found a way to support ourselves, and leave the old pizza shop while dealing with what we love the most, cars. Shaun was the talented one and had the nose to pick the right vehicles. We began finding good deals and selling cars out of our own apartment. At one point, we were so successful that our landlord complained about all the cars that were filling up the driveway. We decided to get a small area to run our business from. That is the birth of Car Lux.

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